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SPN | Cas appears

…out of fucking nowhere.

out of dean’s ass

yknow sometimes my headcanon is that whenever cas arrives at a place he’s actually already there but people don’t recognize it because he’s still in his true form and he sometimes forgets to uncloak himself in his vessel form so he tsks and rolls his eyes (or whatever the equality for rolling their eyes is as far as angels go anyway) and then he uncloaks himself as jimmy novak and make little flapping noises to announce his arrival or something even though its not really necessary but then people are still surprised and mad at him for coming unannounced and he just mentally cusses at everyone in enochian because i swear to dad dont you dare bitch at me you petty human i even fuckin flapped my wings for you it aint my fault your eyes are too weak for my bodacious true form

my bodacious true form







Protip: It IS Deadpool. He comes through the fourth wall to go to cons as himself

Fuck this is perfect

I will reblog this endlessly xD 

You have to wonder if there is a “How to Deadpool” class that is required to wear the costume.

Can we just talk about how hardcore wolverine is for trusting this guy not to kick him too hard in the dick for the sole purpose of this?

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